Wednesday, August 26, 2009

summer wardrobe expansion: shoes! (and an extra note.)

while shopping at target for school things i found a pair of white canvas shoes on clearance for $7 dollars. so i broke my mental vow of never buy clothing from target and bought these shoes. these boring shoes....

but i couldn't leave them boring....

i sewed hundreds of sequins to them and now i love them.

it was entirely accidental to put the colors in rainbow-order.
i might fill the remaining white space somehow, but i'm not sure what with.

*a note*
regarding the "summer wardrobe expansion" posts, obviously summer is over for me, so this little series is as well. i just wanted to point out that a lot of things i sewed didn't make it on to this blog, because they either weren't original or they didn't get finished. for instance, i hemmed and altered the fit of several garments already in my closet: dresses and tops and shorts and etc. then i also made most of a beautiful bathing suit but i didn't finish it because it was proving too difficult to fit in the bust area and i got mad at it. and then there was this lovely lined tweed blazer, which i intend to finish sometime (maybe for winter wardrobe expansion), but i just kind of lost steam on it. and i made several pairs of underwear, but got a bit confused and un-enthused about finishing them, so i didn't.

also, if anyone out there wants to place an order for a handmade-by-emma garment, i'd be more than happy to talk to you about that. i've made pretty much every kind of garment, generally speaking (except for, like, wedding-wear), so feel free to ask and request.
and for all of those people with consciences:
all of my garments are made 100% sweat-shop free.
all of my garments are 100% vegan.
and if i had the money, all of my garments would be made with 100% organic and sweat-shop free fabric. (is fabric made in "sweat-shops"? i saw that sally field movie norma rae and those mill workers definitely weren't working in humane conditions.)

happy sewing.

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