Saturday, August 29, 2009

phony phony formula love me love me make me want to be here.

so i just finished re-reading the catcher in the rye.
i'd read it before, but i didn't remember any of it.
and now that i'm here at college, i'm inclined to call everyone
what is this bullshit?
my name is emma
where are you from
what's your first year studies course
are you enjoying the school
oh my gosh
make it stop.
i feel all revolted that i can't think of interesting things to say.

this is just the beginning
we have to get through this to get to the meat
the guts
the bearing our souls and
saying the word friend.

i want to find a grocery store
and buy spaghetti
and boil it up nice and perfect
and eat it slowly with my fingers.
the kitchen is my favorite part
of my dorm.
because, who's gonna bring decor
for a fucking kitchen.
so it's nice and bright and white
with an awkward patch of purple floral wall paper
nice and tacky and spare.
the table is wobbly, though.

oh shit,
i just realized that i'm locked out of my bedroom
and my roommate is asleep.
oh fuck.
i'm gonna have to knock loudly.
i feel like such a jerk.
oh i don't wanna knock.
adjustments still need to be made.

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