Sunday, August 9, 2009

summer wardrobe expansion: garment #1.

so finally, here is the FIRST garment i made this summer.
fabulous high-waisted red pants!
with white stitching!
and pockets!
this fabric was so odd. it put its color on everything it touched. my sewing machine was pink by the time i finished the pants. my light-colored underwear is pink after a day in these pants. the back of my purse was redder than the front of my purse after having it pressed against my hip for a full day of wearing these pants at pitchfork. silly pants turning my thighs and fingers red!
they make my skin blush.



button and fly.

the left back pocket. that's my own original modern art back pocket cross. so if you ever see any pants with that back pocket design, you know who made 'em. probably.

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