Friday, August 14, 2009

chance words.

2. There is so much longing in the characters in your book - what are we all looking for? Is it love? Can we ever get enough of it? Is it because we are all latch-key kids? Maybe it's just there to keep us moving or breathing or alive?
mj: I think longing is a habit, it is perhaps the way we deal with emptiness, empty space. The empty space is normal, but, depending on our level of fear, it feels more or less unbearable.

i was preparing the envelope for sending my friend a copy of my one-act, because i promised i would, and i wanted to fill the empty space on the back of the envelope with collage. so i got out my collage folder which is full of cut-outs i've amassed over the years and i just happened to pull out a section of an interview with miranda july, around the time her book no one belongs here more than you. came out. i think the section was from the magazine arthur. i don't know why i had cut out just question and answer #2. also it was cut out in a weird shape. half of the word unbearable was cut off (it was just "unbear-"), so i don't know if that was the end of miranda july's answer.
i've kind of danced around the question of "what is your play about?" because the honest answer feels way too risky. because the answer is, "me. my play is about me."
however, this q-and-a #2 feels like a kind of accurate description. (also i think that both the questions and answer are beautifully worded.)
my play is about love and fear and empty space and things unsaid.

so i pasted the interview cut-out onto the envelope and decided not to cheapen it by collaging the hell out of the rest of the blank space.

empty space.
this is what it looks like:

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