Friday, August 28, 2009

i'm not materialistic. the hotel was nice. i got to watch project runway.

driving through illinois it's all
corn corn corn corn
cows? cows! COWS! (obligatory moooing out the windows)
and then
home of the jacksons and steel.
and ohio is forgettable, meaning
i can't remember a thing about it
(other than pointing at "oberlin" on green road signs)
so it probably looked much like illinois,
though maybe with a different principle crop.
i don't think they grow much corn in ohio.

and then pennsylvania.
this is how a road trip should feel.
this is scenic "mountains" (the fairly low alleghenies) covered in green trees to the sides and open road to the front.
you learn that the west doesn't hold all the altitude as you pop your ears.
you feel small and realize just how flat the mid-west is.
how flat chicago is and how we attempt to compensate for our flattness by building up up up.
but then you remember, scenic be damned, at least flat illinois is growing food and -
oh! a deer!
little thing, what are you doing here? you better get back to your mama: alfie, where were you? were you playing by the interstate again? i told you not to go out there - you could be hit, don't you remember what happened to your cousin?
bye, little deer! we're moving on. stay safe!

it really is very pretty out here.
lush and green and foggy.
the trees look like they're steaming.
i look at the mountain sides and picture myself on one of them.
a small brightly colored speck.
i've hiked all the way up and climbed a tree and i'm hollering.
but from over here on i80, i can't hear what i'm saying.

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