Wednesday, August 26, 2009

summer wardrobe expansion: garment #9.

my first cardigan!!!
i tried to knit a cardigan a few months ago, but the sleeves were somehow way ridiculously too large, so i went without my hard knit sleeves and made it a vest.
however, this cardigan is sewn, not knit. well, the fabric is knitted fabric, but i found it already knitted on the sale rack at hancock and fell in love with it. i went home, shrunk it up with the laundry and started on the cardigan asap.
it's a little odd shaped.
i like it big, but the thick hem at the bottom makes it flare out and look funny.
and it's a little short.
but oh well.
it's warm
and handmade
and a cardigan
(with silly buttons),
so ultimately, what's not to like?

pretty fabric.

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