Sunday, February 28, 2010

the weekly check-in and pop song collage.

yesss! o wonder of wonders, the radio station worked tonight!

my family heard me way away in chicago.

here is how tonight's show went. it had no theme. it is a sonic collage assembled for use last sunday but shelved and altered until this sunday.

lexicon devil - the germs
wake up - essential logic
mechanical flattery - lydia lunch
mythic - brilliant colors
jail la la - dum dum girls
goat hurt - no age
irukandji - smith westerns
spiritus sanctus - smith westerns
oh globe - JEFF the brotherhood
fuuuuuun - be your own PET
bicycle, bicycle, you are my bicycle - be your own PET
new wave hippies - psychedelic horseshit
when i'm with you - best coast
heavy days - JEFF the brotherhood
in the garment district - bird names
where is my mind? - the pixies (i saw the movie fight club for the first time last night. this song was so perfectly placed at the end. oh my god. i just sat there after it was over kind of frothing at the mouth for a while. i believe the first words out of my mouth when i heard those shimmery opening notes of this sweet sweet pixies song were, (building in volume and bewilderment) "what the fuck!" that movie was awesome. more on my thoughts about it coming in my 'zine. oh yes the 'zines are gonna happen. more on this later.)
endless fascination - psychedelic horseshit (last saturday, my friend called this song the " 'teenage riot' of our generation." he then revised it, saying "well, not the whole generation, but, like, you and me and michael and raul." yeah, i can see that.)

i'm in the library now and there's this kid here who i know has been here for hours and we was kind of eyeing me when i walked in and he just felt the need to get up and stretch for a bit. man, i sure do hope his essay is going well. he should take a break and come talk to me. that way i can put off studying for my lifeguarding test tomorrow. oh yes, part one (the multiple choice, dry-land part) is tomorrow. i know little more than the things that are figured out through sheer common sense. i have good common sense.

okay. now that the radio station is working i expect you to listen.
next week is the last show before spring break.
click it! sunday at 6 p.m., eastern standard time

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