Monday, February 22, 2010


so fine the radio station probably hasn't been working since that one fluke night where i got a call and freaked out.

it's okay. whatever. i have been busy.
doing stupid,
ill-advised things
and saying it's okay, calling it all experience,
it will never happen again
just this one time.
i would want to make will power a new years resolution, but new year's resolutions take will power.

i went clubbing. on friday.
and i went walking and to shows. on saturday.
and today i went swimming.
and today i could barely breathe.
i had swam on friday and between then and now i undid so much
and i knew i would and i saw it coming and i'm not scared yet.
i'm worried.
and today i woke up feeling fat. i don't normally feel it, you know?

they're hiding in my bottom desk drawer. in the back right corner. out of sight out of mind out of words out of my filthy hands and chapped lips and and and oh christine. oh.

also i'm feeling like saying fuck all this online journal crap and maybe i'll just make zines instead. cause analog is the way to be, maaannn. and also i think one of the library's copiers is broken and doesn't deduct cost for the pages you copy.

so i'll only update when.....i do a radio show or make something brilliant or FINE WHENEVER I FEEL LIKE IT. IT WON'T BE ANY DIFFERENT. I WON'T BE ANY DIFFERENT. I'LL JUST REBEL AGAINST MY SUPER EXPENSIVE LIBERAL ARTS SCHOOL BY BEING A LOSER SLACKER. (somedays i really to think that is what i might be doing - dumbing myself down. or making myself numb to the could-be intellectual challenges. i don't mean to purposely i think. it's just reactionary. reacting is no way to go through life.)

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