Monday, May 25, 2009

things could be worse, after all they have been.

the day after a really long bike ride i woke up feeling worse. i'm not blaming the bike ride. i like it, except for when i was fighting the wind for several miles and failing to breathe in any sort of good and proper and life-sustaining way. i hadn't biked but once all of last week, which was such an incredible beautiful week weather-wise. i was trying to make up for lost mileage. moving on.

nyquil for dessert.

when i finally rolled out of bed it felt like the wrong decision. but then staying horizontal was unpleasant too. so vert it was and my head spun and my eyes were red.

i worked on my prom dress for over three hours today. three hours of cutting and gathering tulle. for those reading this who don't sew, gathering is running a really large machine stitch through the fabring and then pulling one of the threads to make the fabric bunch up. tulle is the poofy netting fabric, commonly use in evening wear to give things poof and structure.

gathering is kind of tedious because you want the gathers to be evenly distributed over the length of the fabric you are gathering, so one place isn't extra poofy and another place is flat. fortunately tulle gathers pretty easily (because of its loose knit) and i didn't care too much about being perfect.

i made a big tulle slip to wear under my prom dress to make the skirt of it huge.
and it sure is huge.
and here's the thing.
i actually kind of like my prom dress!
it's kind of okay!
it looks almost exactly how i wanted it to. (which is good or bad depending on your opinion of my original design.)
it is not the best made dress in the world, true.
and i can't ride my bike in it, so i'd have to stow it in a duffle bag if i bike to prom, but that's alright, then it wouln't get all sweaty.
i'm pretty sure i'm pleased with this dress.
maybe this means prom might be okay after all.

whoa, whoa, whoa, dont' get too high on this dress now. it is kind of itchy.

sure, sure. but it could have been worse.
i though it was going to be much worse.

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