Friday, May 22, 2009

once more, with feeling.

i'm dying.
i'm sure that's what's next.

i've been sick so much this year.
no, not once has it been swine flu.

here are all the incidents i can remember.
1. early january: i walked two miles in single digit temperatures and had a bad head cold and ear ache for a week or so.
2. late february, i think: i went to bloomington-normal for one day. it was very foggy and gray-looking there. i came back with a head cold and lost my voice. this was also the time when sickness swept the neo-futurarium, so when i volunteered that weekend, i fit right in with the pathetic, sniffling group.
3. late march: i was incredibly exhausted one saturday morning, after, oh 5.5 hours of sleep, and i decided to ride my bike, several miles to downtown chicago, in the early morning. when i arriverd where i was going, my nose was running badly. and that was that. sick for a week.
4. late april, early may: as swine flu hits the world, my body develops a head cold. a bad head cold. a plausible theory: stress. i had little shop of horrors to worry about, and then the fashion show, and then some general things that have been wearing on me all year (college; what some might call "relationship" troubles; getting up to go to school every day).
5. mid-may: #4 led to #5, only i think #5 was sort of an allergy thing. i've never had allergies, but i was all stuffy sinuses for a week and my snot was clear, so i wasn't really sick.
6. now: my brother's friend had the not-swine-just-regular-ol' flu. so he got it and still sort of has it. i blame him. i'm not throwing up or anything. and i'm feeling much better today. but i'm just so tired and stuffy and my throat hurts and yesterday every muscle in my body ached (today it's just my neck).

high school is hurting me.
i'm out in three days.
three school days, that is.

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