Friday, May 22, 2009

i don't know what i'm talking about.

i've been thinking that if i'm going to make so many references to pretty in pink, even if most are in my head, then i should really see that movie again. i've only seen it once. or else i have to see more teenage prom movies with leads who i can sort-of identify with and best friends i envy.

what makes me think of this is...
i'm making my prom dress.
and while i'm proud to say that, i'm not proud of how it looks so far. i've had the bodice sewn together for a couple weeks and i sewed the skirt on to it on wednesday night.
and it didn't look that good.
you know in pretty in pink where molly has those two perfectly nice second hand pink dresses and then at the end she synthesises them into some weird pink hybrid disaster, and you find your self shaking your head and saying, "molly, those were lovely things separately, why did you put them together?"
well it's like that.
(okay, sort of backtracking. after writing the above i used google to find a picture of that dress. i think it's kind of okay, now, actually. but when i saw that movie, i definitely thought what i wrote two paragraphs ago.)

each of the fabrics i used are perfectly lovely fabrics on their own: red sequin. blue lace. black lace. black tulle.
but not together. oh it was so hard to put that dress in and stand in my full length mirror and see that 1) the skirt was totally see through, a problem i did not think of and should remedy. and 2) i looked slightly pregnant. and 3) it just didn't look right, an odd choice of fabric and cut.
and i just shook my head and thought "emma, those things were lovely separately, why did you put them together?"

but i'm not going to do it all over.
i'm going to work with it.
why, just today i thought of something different from my original idea (which i've been pretty recklessly following) that makes a whole lot more sense.

i'm kind of grossed out at how much i've been thinking about prom lately. though i probably think about it a lot less than most of my classmates, it's still too much for me.

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