Tuesday, October 6, 2009

radio show #2: dance music cures the sick days.

on saturday night/in the wee hours of sunday
i was very giddy happy. then i remembered that i had to plan a radio show. i wanted dance music. loosely defined, dance music.
sunday i felt sick i went into the station with my pre-made itunes playlist and let it play, sipping lentil soup while it went and talking/contaminating-the-microphone every so often between songs. i felt a little better as the show went on. the radio link worked. my apartmentmate, erin, listened to the show. i babbled. i felt alone in the studio so i talked in my bizarre rambling way (how i talk to myself) in between songs. erin said she laughed out loud.
it was kind of fun.

here are the songs i played.
it occurs to me that it would make more sense to post the list before hand and then you can tune in and know what i'm playing, or know if you want to tune in at all.

midnight-a-go-go - beat happening
can't dance - black lips
do you wanna dance - the beach boys
i'm gonna love you too - buddy holly
i'm happy just to dance with you - the beatles
pull shapes - the pipettes
into the groove - madonna
heart of glass - blondie
cool for cats - squeeze
let's dance - david bowie
genius of love - tom tom club
train in vain - the clash
mysteries - yeah yeah yeahs
step aside - sleater-kinney
uptight (everything's alright) - stevie wonder
tonight - smith westerns

tune in next week.
six p.m. EST.
(five p.m. CST.)

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