Sunday, October 25, 2009

radio show #4. my fingers are dried apricots and i keep eating them so i can't do my homework.

if it wasn't before, i'm going to use my hour long radio show as a personal journal. it's going to be the musical equivalent of my week or of an event of that week. this week's radios show takes me back to last saturday/sunday, which was one of the best weekends of my life. easily. i went to manhattan and walked to brooklyn to see no age play. and they were awesome. today in the shower i noticed that the bruise on my thigh from the show is still dark purple. after the show i walked around brooklyn, having a great time, with a friend and some of his friends and we slept at one kid's house and in the morning (which was really the afternoon, when we woke up) we walked around brooklyn some more and i really really like it, it's a little like uptown and pilsen and i could maybe live there someday, hopefully.

teen creeps - no age (no age started their set with this song)
island ave. - jacuzzi boys
rise above - black flag
to where - grass widow
born under punches (the heat goes on) - talking heads ("to where" and "born under punches" were both played as like space fillers, when the stage changed bands)
everybody's down - no age
boy void - no age ("boy void" was the last song played and i totally freaked out, i love that song.)
be my baby - the ronnettes
beg waves - ponytail (after we'd had late breakfast on sunday afternoon, we sat around listening to music (notably, "be my baby" and "beg waves" and more no age) while deciding where to go that day.)
tally ho! - the clean
throw aggi off the bridge - black tambourine
lola - the raincoats
move to california - times new viking
ever fallen in love - buzzcocks (dedication:)
thirteen - big star (i heard this song playing out an open window on the nyc streets and had to sing it through in my head before i could figure out hat it was. also today is my little brother's last day of being thirteen.)
twilight at carbon lake - deerhunter

that weekend was like all of the teenage weekends i never had in chicago.
it was great.
the greatest.
i just want to live and work in brooklyn and go to shows.
i don't want to be at school.
my favorite part of college is
not living at home
and that might be the wrong reason to be in college.

oh, yeah,
listen to the radio show,
6 p.m. est, 5 p.m. cst, etc.
i promise it'll be good.

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