Thursday, October 8, 2009


dear miuccia prada,
regarding your spring 2010 miu miu collection:
it pleases me very much.
i want it.
not all of it.
you can keep those nude fabric dresses with the sparkles,
but the pantsuits and some of the mini dresses,
i want them.

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cat fabric pantsuit! yes!
with matching cat fabric shoes!

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huh? how does that vest even work? little triangles, scalene and isosceles all cut out.
i really love those collars.

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more cat fabric pants with cat fabric cummerbund/vest thing.
and bird fabric! and human-nude fabric!
my personal favorite look in the whole collection.

i would wear all of these in a heartbeat. gosh they're so well made, so well tailored.
i want that cat fabric.

i also want to sew something really, really badly.
i haven't sewn anything in over a month.
miss it.

happy sketching, ms. prada,

oh man,
i feel shallow.
o skinny scary models,
i promise i'm looking only at the clothing.
not the culture.
the craftsmanship, the tailoring, the amazing, funny fabric.
i feel okay walking into a designer clothing store only because i feel that i can look at the clothing from a different angle: that of a seamstress.
i don't want to buy those clothes - not in a million years (i couldn't even if i wanted to).
i want to learn from them.
i want to tear them apart and make them myself.
that's all.

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  1. the other day at nordstrom, i saw one of those sweet mui mui bird fabric platform heels from this collection on the clearance rack (marked to, like, $300 from $700, or something really affordable like that) and i like, reflexively gasped! and grabbed it and held it to my chest. and then i realized that i looked like a freak and i should not lust over this collection that hard. so i put it down. it was only a size 40 (u.s. 10) which is too small for my flippers, so i didn't even get that pleasure.