Thursday, October 22, 2009

i cannot wait for the sunrise!

i'm staying up all night!
i'm drinking lipton black tea like my life depends upon it!
i'm writing a paper
(which i will not be proud of)
on antigone's performance history!
it's a lot of work!
it's due in four hours!
i had two weeks and two days to write a well researched paper and i decided to write it in about 10 hours instead!
you know, i don't believe i've ever "pulled an all-nighter."
this week has been full of firsts, i'll give it that.
like listening to fucking animal collective on some chick's shared itunes library as background music. that's a first.

here is a backwards photo of the world's greatest mug! it is from sacramento by way of my aunt biddy. i like it because it is huge and aunt biddy is nice memories.
good night, morning, i need to work! i'm nowhere near finished!

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