Friday, September 4, 2009

worth the walk. found the supermarket. still a little lost.

i have the kitchen floor everyone dreams about.

this morning i rolled out of bed and rifled around for my sewing scissors and gave myself a shorter hair cut than i intended.
i wrote haikus for each of my roommates over tea and newly bought cereal and soy milk, and stuck the mini-poems to the refrigerator.
i milled about my shared bedroom and listened to jan talk very generally about me to a friend on her telephone.
i took a positively joyous bike ride to walgreens on my newly tuned up bicycle.
(i had a great little sojourn to a bike shop yesterday. the shop was a bit over two miles away and i walked my flat tires on over there, occasionally dragging my heavy old ride up hills and thinking it'll all be worth it on the return trip. along the way i met a sort of tough-looking older guy with a mountain bike and he asked, "why aren't you riding?" and i said, "it's flat." and he said, "oh i wish i could help you patch it, but i don't got all the parts." "that's okay," i said, "i'm going to the shop on mclean. thank a lot though." and he got on his bike and rode away. and then these two old guys standing in a front yard asked, "why don't you ride that?" "it's flat." "there's a place up on mclean. they'll help you." "yeah, that's where i'm headed," i said. we said "bye" and i just smiled so broad to myself. 'cause these people were somehow with me, rooting for me, wanting me to get back on my bike and ride ride ride into the sunset, carry myself off campus, fly like the wind down steeply punishing hills. and then i got to the really happenin' avenue of mclean and walked the final block of my sojourn. "i need a new tube, can you teach me how to change a flat?" i asked and the guy had a heavy accent and ultimately decided that my inner tube was alright and filled my tires with air and tightened up some loose parts and i put some more grease on my chain. all for free. nice guy. and i think the two mile ride back was the best bike ride of my life. never has my bike been so quiet and easy to ride.)

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