Sunday, September 27, 2009

remember rock n' roll radio?

i've got a radio show. legit.
a college radio show.
i'm a college radio dj.
well, i would be is the radio worked.
it's an internet steaming radio thing, i-don't-know-what-i'm-talking-about-because-it-involves-technology-created-post-1995.
anyway the name i gave it is "golden" and that's what the website says, but i don't know, i'm not so keen on that name anymore.
and it was going to be a pop music show, because i thought i had to have like a genre, a focus, but i don't. it's really chill.
so basically i get to play anything i want for an hour once a week.
sundays 6-7 p.m. EST.

tonight i played:
ne vois-tu pas que c'est toi que j'aime by anna st. clair
i feel the earth move - carole king
you're my only one - cadallaca
tonight - the smith westerns
island ave. - jacuzzi boys
people talk - cheap time
new feeling - talking heads
i got a lot (new new new) - mika miko
instant hit - the slits
teen drama - times new viking
i'm waiting for the day - the beach boys
give him a great big kiss - the shangri-las
apple pie - lake breeze
midnight-a-go-go - beat happening
this must be the place (naive melody) - talking heads

so there it is.
next week: same bat time same bat channel (click it for a link that might not even work).

UPDATE: the radio link totally works now.

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