Sunday, September 27, 2009

it is simple to put these concepts of virtue into black and white, health, is visible.

that utterly unintelligible title is the work of a senior girl in my roommate's aristotle class. she wrote it in an essay. it was the opening of a paragraph.

anyway: i have a pair of questions for anyone who comes across this blog in the next four days (now through thursday). if you read the questions you must provide an answer. it is imperative and possibly helpful.
1. who is your favorite dead poet?
(not your favorite poet of all-time, necessarily, though you can tell me that too, but your favorite DEAD one. and don't say something like john lennon or kurt cobain. sure lennon was a poet, but i want poets who published on paper.)
2. what is your favorite poem by that dead poet?
(or any other poem by a poet of similar state of living (read: dead.). i realize that maybe your favorite dead poet is your favorite overall, but one poem by a different dead poet is your favorite poem.)
thanks for your answers, i hope.

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