Thursday, September 10, 2009

thank you?

this morning, i went to unlock my bicycle which i had only locked up for the night eight hours earlier.
i found a pink post-it note stuck to my bike seat.
it read:
"Hey. Tonight I turned your bike light off. I'm not looking for any sort of reward, so I won't reveal my identity, but I just want you to know that someone is looking out for your battery. I hope I have restored your faith in humanity just a little bit."

i have no idea how to even begin to react to this note.
i am grateful. sure.
as i laid in bed last night, trying to fall asleep only to wake up five and a half hour later, i ran through lists in my head and
did i turn off my light??
crossed my mind.
of course you did. it's bright, you would have noticed if you hadn't.
well apparently i hadn't and i didn't notice.
so i'm grateful, and i wouldn't have known to be grateful if they hadn't left the note.
but i think, like a lot of people,
i am thrown a little off when people are...... when people aren't... humble?
yeah, i guess that's it.
a reward? that this person would mention it, is odd.
and the part about restoring "my faith in humanity"
well that implies that i have very little or was in some way lacking faith in humanity.
which i am sometimes, sure.
but last night/this morning, i felt pretty good.
stressed out and tired, but my general faith in humanity was pretty high.
i wasn't really thinking about it, but if you had asked my, my response would have been okay.
but now my faith in humanity is through the roof!
only after some one turns off my tail light!
i think i'll jump off a building and just trust humanity to catch me before i hit the bottom!

so tonight, it think
i'll tape a post-it note to my bike seat that says "thank you."
my roommate suggested taping a lollypop or some "reward" there, too.
i have an orange lollypop that's about a month old,
so i think i'll attach that as well.

thank you mystery person.
i'm truly grateful that i don't have to worry about buying triple-a batteries today.

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