Monday, July 27, 2009

summer wardrobe expansion: garment #2.

so until i sort of happened to get a "job" this summer, i was planning on whiling away the hours at my sewing machine making all sorts of garments that i've been dreaming about. and them i got a apprenticeship job that requires me to go downtown five days a week, so i'm not sewing as much. bummer.
i am still sewing!
so here is the start of a summer-long showcase of the clothing i have made this summer.
but, you ask yourself, the title says #2. is this the second garment?
well, yes, it is. i don't have a decent picture of the first garment i made this summer yet, so that will come later.

always feel free to give feedback and suggestions.

one hot morning i woke up and was displeased with my selection of sleeveless shirts. so i went digging through my patterns and found a really old one. i'd guess it was from around 1970 by the styling of the women on the from. the pattern boasted "ONLY TWO EASY MAIN PATTERN PIECES" so i opened it up and cut it out of some fabric i'd stolen from school. actually, i think i'd stolen the pattern, too, so the bias tape was the only thing that i technically bought, and that was just made from leftover scrap. so two hours and $0 later i had a new shirt! mostly i was just proud of how quickly i made it. i don't really like how it looks very much, i'm not a baby pink kind of person and while i love gingham, this gingham print is tiny and not obvious. also i think it looks a little smock-like. and the darts don't fit right.

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