Tuesday, July 14, 2009

stomach pump, anyone?

something awful happened today. at "work", some important visitors were taking a tour and having lunch and after they left and as us students were arriving back from lunch one of the hosts/bosses offered us left over pizza, and what kind of teenager doesn't accept a slice of pizza (except for the vegan one in my class) but this pizza was deceiving and oh god oh god it was hiding pepperoni beneath its cheesy top and half way through her slice the vegetarian standing next to me realized the meat and handed off her slice to a carnivore and then i freaked out and did the same and went to get a drink of water and oh no oh no and the day after my friend tells me he's considering eating meat again i go and accidentally do and i haven't had a bite of meat in four years (except for that time at camp where the "vegetarian" soup had chicken in it but i found that after only one bite) and oh no oh no and i felt it all in my mouth and tongue and it made my skin crawl and i felt sickish and that was all i could think about and when i got home and told my mom she just said "well, at least you have confirmation that you are making the right choice to not eat meat."
but i knew that without the pepperoni working its way through my digestive system.

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