Friday, July 31, 2009

somedays i forget what a nerd i can be.

today in class/"work", a girl realized it's the last day of july, which means it's...
harry potter's birthday!
"i'm gonna bake a cake!"
i said.
really? really? you're gonna bake a cake for a fictional character.
no, i'll bake it for me (and my family who will help me eat it)
in honor of a fictional character.
hell yes.
don't get the wrong idea. good books, sure. the sixth movie, that's out now, is wonderful. a huge smile was spread across my face the whole time i was watching it (you know, except when smiling was inappropriate).
actually, hp was just a good excuse. i've been wanting to bake something for, well, several days now, which is a difficult inclination to not feel guilty about pursuing when the surprisingly-not-too-hot-but-not-like-cool-either days of summer are upon us chicagoans. i feel bad about heating the house. but i got home and found the awesome vegan chocolate cake recipe that i used for my mom's birthday and baked it up quick while no one was around to protest 350 degrees.
and it was good.
and all were pleased.
and no one said,
"shit, this kitchen is hot."
they opened the front door and said,
"oh em, what did you make?"

this. i made this:

and it was good.

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