Friday, July 10, 2009

i was really really nervous to do what i did this afternoon, and now i'm even more nervous.

i just bought a new laptop for college.
i'm typing my this from my bedroom.
i just put a cd i got from the library into itunes.
it was bizarrely thrilling.
and then my hands started to want to open the complementary ipod.
no no no.
emma, you love cassettes.
you love mix tapes.
you love cds, delicate, stupid jewel cases and all.
records too, even though you can't really use the record player in the house,
due to its location. 
you love the palpable.
analog encourages patience.
i know this, because, put a fully loaded ipod in the palm of my 
hot little hand
and i get "music a.d.d." like every other modern person.
at least with cassettes you have to fast forward and rewind,
as tedious as that can be at the time.
integrity, man.
don't unwrap the ipod.
don't do it.
put the computer down.
press publish,
call it a day.
limit the computer exposure.
portion control.
poison control.
oh no oh no what have i done?

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