Tuesday, January 19, 2010

spring formal has the potential to be the best school dance ever.

check this out!!!
i got an e-mil from the school "activities committee" asking us to vote for a band for the spring formal: (click on it, to see it better)
i went running with my computer in my arms into erin's room and began babbling incoherently about spring formal and no age, smiling like an idiot.
no, they are not the best band for a dance-y dance,
but they're definitely the best fucking band out of all the other choices. by a long shot. and i like to dance to no age. i always come away bruised.
shit, if no age came to school, that would make my whole second semester, my whole first year. okay kind maybe not, they are just two cool guys who play really great music. and i don't want to give them too much credit for making my second semester good. and besides, the school isn't going to vote them to our spring formal because they're pathetic hipster folksy squares. the student body that is, not no age.


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