Sunday, January 31, 2010

death. jamz.

so it's sunday.
and it's the last day of january.
so january is dying.
and it's my first radio show of the new semester.

and it's about death.

recently mika miko broke up. and jay reatard died. and kate mcgarrigle died. and an earthquake hit haiti. and it's winter so all the plants are dead.

so it's about death.


blood visions - jay reatard
oh, it's such a shame - jay reatard
too cute to puke - mika miko
empty eyes - teenage jesus and the jerks
death - vivian girls
dead living - parsley flakes
broken home, broken heart - husker du
play dead - bjork
rid of me - pj harvey
moody - best coast
let it die - feist
nothing matters when we're dancing - the magnetic fields
end of all things - times new viking
the black angel's death song - the velvet underground and nico
atlantic city - real estate
heart like a wheel - kate & anna mcgarrigle

i wrote the above, the track listing and whatnot, before the show. now it is after. so you probably missed it, yeah? that's okay, i didn't tell you.

but let me tell you about what happened. after the song "dead living" i was babbling on about how every once in a while i like a maybe-good synth-punk song to jump around to, only one, and then...
then i freaked out and babbled about that, and picked up the phone and tried to push a button that would put the caller on air, and maybe i did, i don't know, probably not.
"hi, is this WSLC?"
"yeah, who's this?"
"hi, do you go to sarah lawrence?"
"no i'm in new york (city? i can't remember if he said city.)"
"oh cool."
"i like your theme of death...
"...keep playing those jamz."
i assume he meant jamz with a z.
i mean, i don't remember the exact conversation, but it went more or less like the above. and even if you couldn't hear dimitri on air, i left the mic on so you could hear me talking to dimitri on air. ah, baby's first on-air phone call.

but, like, really, how fucking cool. that dude doesn't even go to sarah lawrence, and somehow he's listening to my radio show. like, fuck yeah.
dimitri, buddy,
and you, too. you click that link next sunday at six and you're golden.

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