Saturday, January 23, 2010


too many.
too weird.
was soooooo weird. tiny burn on my left hand.
did midnight cabaret,
where the fabulash thing i'd written totally
fell and scraped its knees and palms on the audience's stone hearts.
i never felt more alone than last night.
found a tree bent for a seat and
breathed and listened to best coast and
called him and shook uncontrollably

read by the red light of the kitchen's EXIT sign.

i didn't have the will to remove any clothing and i crawled into my bed in
scarf dress cardigan bra dangly-earring and okay fine pajammmma pantz
"did you sleep in that?" my roommate asked this morning.
i had wrestled my scarf off sometime in the middle of the night, still asleep.

unprepared auditions are the worst.

no callbacks are to be expected.
no callbacks came my way.
only a costume design gig. only courteous clapping.

tonight my wannabe-vegan hands scraped bacon grease out of another girl's frying pan.
it was cluttering the sink. my sink our sink sink sunk.
tomorrow i'm making bagels and covering my life in flour.

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