Sunday, December 13, 2009

radio show #whatever, it's the last one this semester.

i don't know the point of telling you what i played on my radio show today, other than i have every other week. the show's already happened okay. it was full of music that sounded good to my self-loathing and today's brain deadness.
but fuck it, whatever, why bother breaking my streak?

it's oh so quiet - no age (bjork cover)
get up - sleater-kinney
death to our friends - sonic youth
days of heaven - anon, good nurse
logos - atlas sound
i'm not in love - talking heads
i believe in nothing - vivian girls
in the mouth (a desert) - pavement
raised eyebrows - the feelies
all my little words - the magnetic fields
outta me - bikini kill
the moon - the microphones
something - the beatles

yeah i have so much fucking work. i want to sleep and drown in tea and do laundry.

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