Wednesday, December 16, 2009

no sleep and disguised skeletons.

in the next twelve hours i have to:
write an (at least) 8 page paper on disguise in a renaissance play (i'm choosing twelfth night). for my class at 9:30 am, tomorrow.
print said paper in the library, because my printer has no black or dark-colored ink.
print two other papers (one a self-evaluation, one a sort-of revision of a play-like piece of creative writing).
hopefully get two hours of sleep around the time the sun comes up.*

once all this is done, all of the semester is done. and then i get to pack to go back to chicago on friday and stay for a month.

in twelve hours plus three-and-a-half hours of classes i am done with school.
oh i have a class on friday, but it's acting class and we're just having a party.
i made fudge. and tomorrow i think i will bake vegan banana muffins. for the party.
i think a girl in my class is allergic to bananas. huh? who is allergic to bananas?
i need to ask her tomorrow if she can't be in the same room as bananas (unlikely) or she just can't ingest them (plausible).

*i will probably not get any sleep, let alone two hours.
last time i pulled a school work related all-nighter it was for the same class. and i felt awful the next day. i would get really restless in my legs and need to walk and move. i think it was the after-effects of about a dozen large mugs of black tea. if i finish my paper tonight (which i simply have to) i might reward myself with my last mint tea bag. yes, think of that. now start fucking writing about billy shakes. (OH MY GOD I DO NOT WANT TO.)

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