Thursday, December 10, 2009


i love stars. constellations. history unchanged.
the greeks and romans named Orion and
i get the honor of hanging out with him today.
i love that stars make me feel small, make me feel just how spherical is our little bubble of earth and water and lava and hot/cold fronts of air. but at the same time, the stars never change in size, not really. they're always little flecks of light. little. so looking at them doesn't really make me change in size. i have to remind myself that that star is as big as life. as big as earth, maybe. as big as all the fires i never want to see in my reality. stars are likes paintings, because i'll never get close enough with only my human eye to change them. ever. i don't know the science of it all, but i'm pretty sure i'll never touch or kill or push or change a star. i can only look at them and maybe someday i will have the good fortune to look at them through a high powered telescope and get to tell Orion how nice his biceps look up-close.
last night i looked up at the right moment and saw my new friend Orion staring down at me. i freaked out and erin laughed at me. i love constellations. tonight i bundled up and went to try to photograph him, but he would have none of it, so i just looked at him and admired and jumped up and down to express my excitement to myself and hear my cold boots on the cement parking lot top.

everybody, meet Orion.

Orion, this is everybody.

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