Saturday, November 14, 2009

we'll die alone together.

i took a walk! i saw mallards!!

i walked to tuckahoe. that's tuckahoe in the distance. i climbed up to the train tracks and walked along beside them. i later found out (when i climbed up on the train station platform) that people are not allowed to walk along to train tracks. it didn't seem like a very good idea. i mean, what if a train came. it was fun though.)

that looks nice.

happy thanksgiving.

ooooh, a slanted hill street.

a happy day indeed. just now i realize that it says "happy [turkey] day." i liked it better before i noticed the turkey.

westchester ain't so bad.

i like my lonely walks,
but they're starting to feel increasingly lonely.
the kind where i want someone with me. i want to hold someone's hand and drag them along by my side. we'd sing our favorite songs at the tops of our voices. my spastic private impromptu dance parties would be shared and all the better for it.
but nothing changes in college. i've been a loner for so long that i don't know how to change, even when i want to.
i'm listening to about four different parties happening in my apartment building.
i'm gonna watch slacker and wonder i can't be as cool as those kids when i'm doing more (productive) things than them.

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