Sunday, November 15, 2009

radio show #7: happier for the family.

so my parents have recently figured out how to get the college's radio station, so they can listen to my show. grrreaaaaaat.
anyway, after last week's show i gave them a call, to check in, and they said they'd listened to my radio show and my father requested that i play happier music.
huh, bikini kill isn't "happy"?
well, okay. with that request in mind i set out to create a "happier" show for this week.

and here's what i got:
not a problem - black lips
teen drama - times new viking
(love is like a) heat wave - martha and the vandellas
spiderwebs - no doubt
step aside - sleater-kinney
uh-oh, love come to town - talking heads
girls just wanna have fun - cyndi lauper
eight days a week - the beatles
i'm gonna love you too - buddy holly
anything could happen - the clean
favorite thing - the replacements
never stops - deerhunter
neighborhood #1 (tunnels) - arcade fire
don't cry for me - the zombies
imagine, pt. 3 - smith westerns

next week is going to be california themed. feel free to make requests.
at 6 p.m. est, 5 p.m. cst.

also i just found the station's phone number!
so feel free to call when i'm d.j.-ing
and make a request that i cannot promise to fulfill,
just don't be a creepster.
the number is 914.395.6751.

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