Saturday, November 21, 2009

radio show #8: california dreamin'. not really. i'd rather just stay in chicago.

this week's radio show is california themed!
that means bands from california, or (as in the cases of joni mitchell, led zeppelin, the mamas and the papas, and tnv) songs about california!
so here we go:
(get excited!)
wolf like me - tv on the radio (fine, in no way related to california, but it's the theme song/curtain call music for the play that i spent this week teching at school. i was a dresser (for quick costume changes) and a general run crew person. the play was called the desert play. it was written by eric dufault, who is a student. i like the play, it is about loneliness (i think?) and is a little surreal.)
going to california - led zeppelin
california - joni mitchell
here should be my home - no age
california girls - beach boys
los angeles - x
sex boy - the germs
long walk on the beach - grass widow
sex jazz - mika miko
sun was high (so was i) - best coast
tv party - black flag
unfair - pavement
move to california - times new viking
california dreamin' - the mamas and papas

so what brings on a california themed show? well, as we all probably know, thanksgiving is coming up; it's thursday to be exact. and i have wednesday, thursday, friday off of school. so i get to fly to chicago on wednesday, very early in the morning. cool. i'm so psyched to get to go to my city. i'm expecting/hoping for some huge heart swell of emotion when i fly in and see that skyline (even though i don't like downtown all that much - what fun is there in huge phallic office buildings? kind of kidding.).
but i don't get to stay in chicago for five wonderful days, seeing friends and movies and doing homework. oh no no no. that sounds far too leisurely.
as my grandma (on my mom's side) gets older, she wants to do more and more things with her whole clan (all 7 of her children, their spouses, and her 16-18 grandchildren). so she bought the entire family a cruise.
yeah, all 30 of us are piling onto a Carnival cruise ship that leaves from long beach, california and goes to mexico, and then back to long beach. in three days (friday-sunday). on monday i fly from california back to new york city.
i'm excited in an anthropological sense. i get to see southern california! i'm gonna put my body through some kind of weather shock - even though fall is being incredibly warm here (normally, in november, i'm like, preparing for the first snow storm, thinking about my heavy coat. but no, i'm still beatin' around in a cardigan.).
i'll take lots of pictures. of hot california girls in bikinis. and PALM TREES!!!
i actually want to go to los angeles really badly. see it. go to the Smell. hit the scene. i mean, i know i'm not going to los angeles, but, hey southern california, whatever. it's all new to me. cool.

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