Friday, November 20, 2009

haircuts for a higher purpose.

last night i'd had it with my curiosity.
i sat down in front of my suite-mates' full length mirror
a trash basket in one hand and
a pair of scissors in the other
and cut myself a heavy set of bangs.
i. like. them? i think.
whatever, i have to live with them.
my three roommates/suite-mates all watched and said "oh emma, they look so good."
(or one said, "you look like the girl from chicago. (what's her name? ...what's her name? catherine zeta-jones!"))
i was more proud of the community i created in the other bedroom
than my slightly crooked fringe.
that was only the second or third time the four of us who live together
have been in the same room for an extended period of time, all of us talking to each other.
and even after my bangs were done, we all just sat around talking,
laughing occasionally, sharing stories. it was nice. i think. at least, it was community.

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