Wednesday, April 1, 2009


yesterday was a sad day for many a college-bound high school senior.
yesterday so many classmates walked home with a sense of dread of what had been left in their mailbox by an apathetic u.s. postal worker with a bad back.
yesterday envelopes far too thin to mean anything good were ripped open by reluctant hands aching for news.
today a whole lot of "u of i" was delivered with a shrug and a sad little smile at the prospect of spending the next four years at their "safety" chioce, far enough away to be "going to college" but in a location far more boring than and still fairly close to the one they are leaving.
admittedly, i felt a twinge of pride that i did not even apply to the university of illinois at urbana-champagne.
that's my record.
6 accepted.
4 rejected.
1 offer to be put on the waiting list.

and i still don't know if i even want to go to college.

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