Monday, March 30, 2009

"only you, you're the only thing i'll see forever. in my thoughts, in my words and in everything i do, nothing else but you, ever." shut up.

what's your favorite song, emma?
by the smashing pumpkins? really?
no, no. i mean, my favorite song today? it'll probably change in a few days or a week or so.
yeah, sure, today.
sure, whatever, right now. 12:02 p.m.
no, i mean, the song. "tonight" from west side story.
oh. okay. showtunes.
i guess the wild-eyed purity of it. the love of tonight, of that very moment. tony and maria have, in their minds, lived only for that moment at the gym, on the fire escape. that must feel fucking great.
i want a fire escape.
yeah, but it's kind of sad too, you know? not enjoying life, feeling consantly expectant.
no, no, it's great. i'm sure they've enjoyed life, and not enjoyed it too, no doubt. but every other moment just perishes in comparison. they would have to have known both happiness and hardship to know that what they are creating on the fire escape can bring them even greater happiness and even greater danger.
what? did you write this down? does that make sense?
yeah, i don't know. mostly i just love the pure immediacy and the living-in-the-moment-ness of that song. i guess i just want my own tony or maria.
oh, don't we all?
is that your favorite song in the show?
no. well, right now it is. maybe. i like the "jet song" too. and "the dance at the gym." and "cool", of course.
it's a good musical.
the best, baby. well, one of the best.
what are the other ones?
spring awakening. little shop of horors. rocky horror show.
go on.
no i'm done with this.
i'll see you later, okay?
yeah. thing is i can't even really see you now.
get a fucking hair cut already.

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