Thursday, March 19, 2009

sticks and stones may break our spirits but we're busy breaking our legs

closing weekend of my last high school show.

well, it's thursday.

so a day early start to most people's definition of weekend.

last show before closing weekend.

i'm feeling all sentimental. i'm regretting not being a better, closer part of the school theatre family. there will be more.

people seem to like the show at least.

it's better than the last one, i'll give it that much.

but then, we're just off to a better footing, with the very play and all.

little shop of horrors.

the play we did in the fall should never be produced by anyone ever. it is just that not good. however, people seemed to like it. some people. the (there is no gentle way to put this) um, less intellectual people. or the people with less of a discretion to the calibur of play they watch. while people like my mfa parents, and peers who intentionally read books either liked or disliked by the nebulous body of "intellectuals", and people with just a general sense of theatre and the ballpark of plot development and character change it usually shoots for - those people didn't like the fall play.

but not this time. there are weak parts. there are things that could have and should have been handeled better. there are many thing i would change "if i had more time."

but we didn't have more time.
now all we have is eachother and what was bought and built and rented and rehearsed. and from that we have the best damn little shop of horrors we possibly could have.

as a note: i'm the costume tech for the show. however, i and my costume partner are also the ones of our company with the best sewing skills and therefore also made significant and numerous contributions to the repair and upkeep of the falling-apart-at-the-seams audrey two puppet we rented.

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