Tuesday, April 21, 2009

lunch period. april 20, 2009.

1. get off the computer.
2. find hugh.
3. (hugh, who found me before my lunch period and asked me what I was doing, so as to open the door to being a social human being and spend a lunch period with a real person rather than just myself and the mind-numbing, eye-glazing blog writings of a dozen lovely internet-writers.)
4. “hang out.”
5. chat.
6. ask him what he thinks of the idea of having a company (“drama club”) prom.
7. be a social human being.

what actually happened:

1. got off the computer.
2. located hugh, who was sitting, not alone like i’d hoped, but with a group of friends, in a circle at a lunchroom table.
3. walked on past.
4. walked upstairs, looking at the toes of my boots, noticing the salt stains and how the worn leather bent; hoping my skirt wasn’t rising to an indecent length (because i felt a little too exposed, though i really like this skirt that i made last year).
5. sat down in the back corner of a different lunchroom, with my back to everyone else.
looked out the window.
6. noticed a tennis ball on the roof of a shorter school building.
7. listened to the screams, chatter, and laughter of those with friends.

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  1. wow.

    you sound like me in high school.

    I love your blog.