Tuesday, April 28, 2009

and then nothing turned... and then nothing...

i laid on my pillow
my vacant hand next
to my ear full of music.

this isn’t about music
and its magic and
the way it makes me feel.

i was breathing just
breathing in time.
feeling my fingertips

fill with air. and
the air slipped out and left
my fingertips cold and tingling

it felt like five little
ribbons, sliding out
and emphasizing the hollow.

and this is distracting.
and i am not sleepy.
and won’t someone hold my hand.

i like this.
this being alone.
this weight of my cd played

on my belly
slowly rising and falling.
spinning that burned cd

you thought i should listen to,
i guess. probably because you
like it. i don’t know just yet.

i wish i could fall asleep because
i know i should
but, really, i’m

happy just
to stay in this limbo,
because this is better

than sleep, because
i can remember it
and how i feel here and there.
_ in and out.
_ okay.

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