Thursday, March 11, 2010

i'm pulling and all-nighter and writing about shakespeare? it must be wednesday.

i was talking with erin earlier tonight. she was saying that i'm getting bad.
she doesn't think my sleeping and working habits are healthy or something. that i
was so good at the beginning of the year. i would wake up in the mornings.
i overslept this morning for the second time this week. on monday i missed a conference (which is very very bad)
today i missed the driving test that i signed up for.
no big deal, but i'm sure i made someone with a clipboard
and a van
kind of pissed off. which sucks, because that person is probably the same person
who works at the place where i get toilet paper or the person who fixes our shower or something.
someone i don't want mad at me.
it seems like once a week
now, i just sort of concede
to the fact that i probably won't get any sleep that night.

over spring break i will fix.
maybe. i will
break and mend
pollute and fire and finish and stitch,
read and sleep and cacophony and watch and take trains.
and forward motion.
and before spring break i will have to finish this paper.

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