Monday, March 29, 2010


1: motherfucker! i am covered in beer.
2: no one cares.
1: i care.
3: i'll get the sponge.
1: please do. oh it's on my shoes.

i can hear the party next door perfectly. their window is open so they can smoke. my window is open because my apartment is a furnace. our windows are perpendicular to each other. i could see them if the angle was right, or i was in the window in the other bedroom.

my roommate is back. i am resisting the urge to be disgruntled about this. i have banished myself to the kitchen. she will sleep soon. when i walked in, we talked for a bit, and that was maybe the most i've said today. yes, it surely was.

no one cares.

where are my fucking cigarettes?
right there
oh shit i found them.
they've been there for like an hour.
how long have i been here
i know right

that's what i'm saying live fast die young.

i been smoking like a year i'm gonna quit when i graduate.
when i'm twenty-one.
right basically when you graduate.

you look really fucked up.
wait do i look really fucked up?
you look really really high.

we're on a college campus right now and we can't find any weed.

i love female dealers!

if you were gay, or you had a gay brother, i'd go for it.

this is the party
your face is the party.

all my smokers in da kitchen.
you're not a smoker.
i quit.

thus ends the transcription of the party next door.

(one more)
"peace the fuck out."

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  1. LOL, this reminds me of the time my neighbours had a party in their garage. It went something like this: