Tuesday, June 2, 2009

that was me. i mean, that was may.

i heard about this BEDA blogging thing after april ended. i wouldn't have done it anyway, i wouldn't want to blog everyday. but in the same sort of spirit i challenged myself to blog at least three time a week, each week in may. just to better dip my feet into this blogging thing. so if i fulfilled my self-issued challenge, that would have been twelve posts (maybe thirteen, if you count a post for the three days that didn't fit into neat, seven-day calendar weeks). well i wrote fifteen. and i'm not proud of this or anything in particular. and i didn't feel pressured. i don't know. i found myself thinking blog about this a lot. blog became one of the words i thought the most everyday. and this isn't a good-bye (to no one), i'll keep posting on here for some length of time. it was just interesting to think of myself as a blogger for a month. now i know.

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