Thursday, October 7, 2010

figs and dates and things more marvelous than you.

i've been having new fruit lately.
new fruit! who knew?! i thought the world of fruit stopped at the tropics, where do you go from mangos? well, to starfruit and guavas and coconuts, i suppose.
and then this date babe is sitting next to you in food and agriculture class all dried out and looking waxy brown like a cockroach and, i do believe that's tasty in an entirely different way than a mango. it's like caramel doing its best plum impression, but failing in a good way.
and this morning after and all-night freak out (homework related), i go to the kitchen with a banana skin and caffeine coursing through my veins like steel springs and there's my housemate, the most beautiful girl in the world, made of magic and soup, cutting figs. figs! fresh figs! not the kind wrapped in starch and baked to death and named newton, but real figs!
what are those? i ask.
figs, they're my favorite fruit, you must try one.
and the fairy girl made of magic is handing me a fig on the edge of a knife and i think it's the most delicious thing i've eaten in a long time.

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